Live Edge Table-top

Live Edge Furniture — As nature intended

At TruWood, we believe the character that comes from a tree’s natural growth should be celebrated. We capture this organic beauty in our work by using live edge wood.

Live edge pieces are made from trees that aren’t fit for factory production — heavily gnarled, felled by the wind, or considered too unstable to survive the harsh factory process. In typical furniture production, the wood must be cut to fit the furniture. With live edge, the natural shape of the wood inspires what piece of furniture it will become — the furniture fits the wood.

The result is a celebration of nature that you will not find in your typical furniture store. Live edge furniture works well with rustic or Western décor, but can create an inspired juxtaposition when paired with modern materials like glass and steel.

We use live edge wood to build entryway benches, serving boards, console and coffee tables, headboards, and of course, our large scale dining room tables.

Our artisans can create custom pieces for you from wood that defies the everyday. Contact us. Our furniture fascinates.

To see examples, please view our gallery.